Sabina Khan, "I've Been Screaming for 18 Years"

My short work in “I’ve Been Screaming for Eighteen Years” is an account of my mental journey over two years. The book is 64 pages and deals with themes regarding rage and feminism, why women can’t get mad. I follow the depth and nuance that come from my darker emotions, some of which emerged from heartbreak. The writings range from one or two sentences to pages to words curving on the page. Some of my writings deal with time, death, and mortality as we struggle everyday to find meaning during a pandemic and major world events. Living through history, living through what is going to be taught in history books in ten years makes me feel a part of life. I challenge myself to be both writer and audience when I write to make myself think in abstract and oftentimes confusing ways. In contrast to some contemporary poets, a lot of what I write also has a lyrical rhythm.