Megan Nee & Alex Quigley, "The Earth:Inspired Project"

Our project is inspired by the environmentalists and educators who helped us develop our passion for the environment throughout high school. The podcast and accompanying website aim to shine a spotlight on these wonderful people through pictures and short biographies, in addition to interviews. The purpose of this project is to highlight these environmentalists' personal connections to nature. It is both an ode to our past mentors as well as an attempt to inspire others. We hope that the topics discussed in the podcast inspire listeners to consider their own relationships with the environment and reflect on experiences from their youth and current life that help them form a connection with nature. Another goal of this project is to alter the often catastrophic, doomsday view of climate change and other threats to the environment. By focusing on how individuals are doing their part to work toward a more sustainable world, we hope to shift perceptions of hopelessness in the context of climate change and spark a new appreciation for our Earth.