Corinne Martin, "Mend the Gap"

Corinne Martin is a multifaceted maker and thinker devoted to cultivating compassion and acceptance for those who society seeks to make invisible. She values crocheting and yoga as modes of physical moving and making that allow people to come as they are, and is interested in teaching these practices as a way to extend accessible forms of creativity to those who may need it.

My project centers around bringing visibility to incarcerated people by teaching them crochet as a means of physical making and creative expression. The project will involve an eight-week series of crocheting workshops that I will teach in-person in a detention facility, during which I will introduce the fundamental techniques of crocheting and guide participants through individual projects to create stuffed animals for their children or other loved ones. The intention is first and foremost to extend compassion and care to a group of people that society has cast aside by connecting with them and empowering them to engage with an accessible, gratifying creative outlet. The program has been arranged for implementation over Summer 2022, and I hope to document the project and the creations that it produces to help subvert and work to change the rhetoric surrounding incarcerated people.