Jessie Lian, "Branching Out"

During the initial conceptualization of this project I had wanted to confront the pressure of the mentally and physically detrimental conditions that peers and strangers alike endured over the years. Numerous times have I witnessed sleep deprivation being turned into a competition, an indicator of how “hardworking” one was. Suffering implied results and tears were part of the process. I hoped to be able to alleviate that stress by creating an intricate gaming experience in which one was simply encouraged to relax. I overestimated my capabilities however, given that this was my first time dabbling in this medium. Ultimately, this became more of an embodiment of an ambitious attempt to exercise something beyond one’s current limits, and perpetuated the issue I wanted to address by its process alone. I now present the contents of this Capstone project as a reminder to be kind to oneself, and take pride in the fact it is acceptable to simply try.