Radiah Islam, "Gacha Away Your Savings!"

Starting from the 2010s, “gacha” games have gained increasing popularity as players regardless of age or gender play those games and gain new items such as characters, weapons, accessories, etc. by drawing on banners or billboards that advertise for valuable and rare game items using in-game currency that can be obtained through real-life money or various quests, events, missions, etc. in the games themselves. This causes many players, however, to overspend and use excessive amounts of money as they keep on drawing to win the item without them realizing on how much money they spent while drawing. This project focuses on the gacha game Genshin Impact, which is currently the highest-grossing gacha game, and will inform players on how much in-game currency and real-life money players would need to get their desired item. By doing so, this project aims to help players keep track of how much money they would need to spend for a desired item so that players will make informed decisions before overspending through a gacha simulator.