Jillian Fisher, "The Making of Anchor Escapement"

This project encapsulates the early stages of creating a graphic novel entitled Anchor Escapement, including scriptwriting and the sketching. The novel will tell the story of a young girl named Maia who is to be prosecuted for being a witch. As she attempts to evade capture, time is on her side-but nothing and no one else seems to be. Although it takes on a modern setting, this story is primarily inspired by historical accounts of the persecution of witches, and aims to intertwine imagery and themes reminiscent of historical cultural events. Through making Anchor Escapement, I wanted to tell a meaningful story while also exploring various artistic techniques. I have imagined countless ideas for graphic novels in the past few years, and am truly elated to have started drawing this one.It has let me experiment with many different styles for comic pages and gain experience with writing. Anchor Escapement is meant to explore the ability of graphic novels to convey the physical and emotional journey of the main character, while having an intriguing and unique visual aesthetic. Graphic novels can combine the affordances of words and pictures, using them to build on or contradict each other. As Anchor Escapement contains ominous threats and a rather obtuse narrator, it makes a good story for showing how images can expand on what words will not explain.