Daria Chen, "The Fibers That Bind Us"

Needle felting is the art of tangling and intertwining wool fibers together to create three-dimensional objects. I began needle felting amid the pandemic and was disappointed that there was not a strong needle felting community on campus.Through my project, I hope to impart the joys of needle felting and help people realize that this is a medium they can use to bring their imagination into a physical form.I have created an instructional handbook to introduce people to the basics of needle felting and guide them through two beginner-level projects, a ball and our state flower, the Black-eyed Susan. The art style of the project draws inspiration from the minimalistic design of LEGO instructions. Special thanks to my peers that participated in trial runs of initial versions of these guides and whose confusion, poked fingers, and feedback ultimately contributed to the final iteration. This guide was designed in Adobe® Illustrator and is accessible by PDF file.