Sebastian Bolatto, "Operation Cyberspace"

Operation Cyberspace is a unique cooperative puzzle game, focused on communication between a player in Virtual Reality and a player outside of it. Framed as a mission undertaken by two secret agents, the players must work together to infiltrate an evil corporation through cyberspace. While one agent tries to navigate a simulation in cyberspace meant to evaluate whether the user is an evil mastermind, the other player takes on the role of the one in the earpiece, helping the agent by using recovered documents and props that hold vital information.

The asymmetrical gameplay between the real world and the virtual world creates two separate experiences for the players, each of which focus on the interactions, tactility, and visuals that are only possible within their respective spaces. The escape-room-like puzzles require the players to work as a team to connect those interactions and stitch together their disjoint pieces of information to find a solution. By requiring players to draw connections between their separate parts of the puzzle, the game naturally encourages teamwork and communication, and creates extremely enjoyable “aha!” moments for both players.

The Virtual Reality experience was created using the Unity Real-Time Development Platform and their built-in Unity XR Interaction Toolkit. The game also used 3D models built in Blender and was scripted in C#. The document for the player outside of Virtual Reality was written and formatted using Microsoft Word, with illustrations created using Adobe Photoshop.