The Lambda Class

Celebrating 11 Years of DCC

We are proud and delighted to celebrate the Lambda class at the 2022 Capstone Fair. This particular group of students entered the University of Maryland in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which ravaged and continues to threaten our local and national communities. Lambda students began their DCC and Honors College journey in Fall 2020, learning remotely and often asynchronously while attempting to build social bonds with their new peers. When the students were welcomed back to in-person classes and events on campus for the first time in 2021, they had the opportunity to re-energize their burgeoning friendships with more opportunities for face-to-face connection and interaction, as they brought life and vitality back to Prince Frederick Hall. Now, as rising juniors, they have completed their Capstone project and have largely satisfied the DCC program's requirements to receive their Honors College citations. It is with a bittersweet farewell that we wish them onward and upward. Good luck, Lambda! We are so proud of you.

In an effort to preserve a sort of virtual "time capsule" for the Lambda class, we'd like to invite all Lambda students to contribute any photos they have of their time in DCC. Please use the button below, and your UMD Google account, to access a shared Drive folder. Your uploaded images will be assembled into a virtual gallery during Summer 2022.