Christina Yang, "So Why Mika, Anyway?!"

Christina is a queer creative committed both to a rich portrayal of queer lifestyle through visual art and storytelling, and a continuously developing awareness of psychological and neurological concepts as they apply to technology.

"So Why Mika, Anyway?!" addresses the exact question most people have when first meeting me. It is a virtual art gallery of transformative works based on the Japanese dark fantasy series, Seraph of the End (SotE). SotE is ongoing and has garnered fans on the international scale, most of whom are enthralled by the complex queer romance between male protagonists "Yuu" and "Mika" Hyakuya. Since discovering SotE on a whim in high school, I have been a staunch fan, using Yuu and Mika's love as my creative muse in traditional and digital art media. My project is a tribute to SotE and its role in deconstructing my own internalized homophobia. Beyond that, series like SotE have connected me to other members of the LGBTQ+ community around the globe. Queer art and representation are indispensable to queer youth who must navigate both the world and their own identities. By chronicling my own artistic and personal growth alongside my favorite subject, Mika, I hope to impart an understanding of why he is such an important vehicle of queer narratives to me and other SotE fans.