Lauren Wei, "Time Tracking for Productive Lifestyle"

In our society today, time management has remained as one of the greatest struggles for many people. From students to professionals at the workplace, productiveness has always been an integral part of our everyday life. Nonetheless, many suffer from the lack of good time management. Unfinished work that is piled up and missed deadlines caused by inappropriate distribution of time not only contribute to impaired academic and professional performance, but also induce mental illness and prevent people from achieving self-fulfilling goals. The objective of this project is to create a time-tracking app that utilizes interactive elements to help users better understand their use of time and to develop better time management skills to attain their goals. The app allows users to pair NFC tags with customized tasks. By scanning the tags to switch between different tasks, the app records how much time is spent on each task and generates daily reports. By understanding their use of time, users would be able to build up better time-management plans based on their habits and ultimately maintain a productive lifestyle.