Renee Paulraj, "Unheard Voices, Unmet Needs: A Documentation of Global Human Rights Violations and a Blueprint for Action"

What's happening around the world? Many people remain unaware of many global human rights violations. Often, it is the result of limited media surveillance of these violationswhile other times, it can be difficult to begin learning about them. Although social media has played a substantial role in highlighting these deplorable injustices, information overload can also make it difficult to sift through various posts about these violations. This project is a streamlined source of information, displayed through a narrative StoryMap of human rights violations around the world. Users will read an exposition analysis of various human rights violations, have access to additional resources like readings, and receive a list of ways to help. The data for this project is obtained from human rights reports published by government departments and international organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Additionally, scholarly sources, popular sources, and corroborated social media posts are utilized as information sources. This information is synthesized into a data visualization through ArcGIS mapping software and is presented in a manner that is both visually informative and creative. By drawing from politics, social justice, human rights, art, and digital media, I hope to raise social awareness about global human rights violations and empower people to help in various ways.