Robert Eisner Lloyd, "A Collection of Thoughts: The Foundations of a Personal Philosophy"

The world as it currently exists is extremely far from ideal. I believe that if most people were more aware of and involved in open critical analysis of their own internalized beliefs and welcoming to unfamiliar ideas, the world would be much more likely to change for the better. Hence, my project is a short series of podcast episodes addressing my personal perspective on some foundational philosophical questions, demonstrating how philosophy is present in and relevant to every individual's life. By virtue of its podcast format, in a sequence of digestible episodes, this project is fit for the layperson uninvolved and possibly uninterested in philosophy as a practice. Through articulating philosophical ideas that emerge in my experience and answers to philosophical questions from a single perspective in an expressive and approachable manner, my project provides an example for how all matters of philosophy are interrelated and important to consider for the sake of advancing a better world. This is a dedication to a passion of mine that I want to share with the world, and, above all, hopefully inspire a similar passion in others.