Rao (Michelle) Li, "Hanfu: Traditional Yet Modern Fashion"

Michelle is an artist who creates digital illustrations to tell stories relating to her Chinese heritage in hopes that they resonate with people with similar backgrounds.

Hanfu: Traditional Yet Modern Fashion is a site hosting an informational fashion game full of original illustrations of hanfu, traditional Han Chinese clothing that have been revitalized and modernized in the Hanfu Movement in China. The Hanfu Movement is a social movement led mainly by the younger generations that aims to normalize the wearing of traditional historical Chinese clothing in the modern day. The clothing popularized in the movement have elements that pull from various dynasties in China’s history but modern elements are also included to fit today’s fashion trends. Four major styles popular amongst participants of the movement are shown off in a classic drag-and-drop dress-up game on the site and information is provided as well on the clothing, distinct elements of their style, and the movement overall.