Emily Kombe, Ayana Moses, & Angela Pina Munoz, "Reduce, Reuse, Refashion!"

Emily Kombe is an activist passionate about disrupting systems of oppression. She is committed to working with underserved communities to create innovative, sustainable policy solutions. These policies will strive to not only acknowledge and address current inequalities, but strive to prevent future inequalities as well.

Ayana Moses, a craftswoman with an interest in do it yourself projects, would like to inspire others to create their own waste conscious day-to-day household elements and decorative items. Interested people will be able to try projects of their own and display them once completed, using previous designs as encouragement. These crafts can be compiled in a database and made accessible to individuals looking to do-it-yourself projects.

Angela Pina is an artist interested in the different forms and potential impacts of all kinds of design. She started off with a pen and pencil but has most recently branched out to sewing. Decreasing waste created as a result of the fashion industry by recycling old clothes into custom pieces we love is only one way of implementing sustainable practices into our everyday lives. Sustainability can be fun and she seeks to put a creative twist on it to show that.

Reduce, Reuse, Refashion! aims to fight against one of the industries most harmful to both the environment and humans: the fast-fashion industry. This industry produces massive amounts of pollution, wastes non-renewable resources, and maintains inhumane and unsafe working conditions. While there are clothing companies that have more responsible practices, they often aren’t appealing to fast fashion consumers. In this project, we searched for a way to create clothes that were both sustainable and fashionable. Rather than buying new fabric, we purchased used clothing from local thrift stores. In a process called upcycling, we deconstructed, cut, and sewed them into new pieces. To appeal to fashion conscious buyers, we based our pieces on clothing that is au courant. Our project shows that we can take a stand against a destructive industry, and, perhaps equally important, look good while doing it.