Min Jang, "Orthotic Customization through a Phone Application"

Ableism is defined as “the discrimination of and social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior” (Eisenmenger). People with disabilities are discriminated against due to deeply embedded stigmas in society. People with disabilities often push their assistive technology away because it is stigmatized and seen as “weak” or “emphasizing their invisible disabilities.” The goal of this project is to empower people with disabilities, mainly focusing on people with physical disabilities who need orthotic devices. This phone application provides people with disabilities, mainly with ankle-foot orthoses and wrist braces, the opportunity to customize and design their devices. It aims to give people with disabilities the freedom to change the visuals of their devices to fit their wants and needs. By allowing them to personalize their orthoses and prosthetics to reflect their needs and wants, it would encourage them to be more comfortable when wearing their orthoses. It gives people with disabilities an opportunity to be independent and less reliant on others to design their devices. These devices are often limited in the visual designs. By empowering individuals to design their own devices, the devices would be able to reflect their personalities.