Skylar Chan, "Twiirl—A Motion-Controller Music Synthesizer"

Skylar Chan is a hobbyist music composer and dancer who believes that music is a medium to freely share and explore ideas, thoughts, and emotions. His music intends to share creative experiences with the listener. To allow for additional interpretation of his compositions, he also uses and develops software that visualizes and transforms music into non-aural forms.

Twiirl, pronounced "twirl," is a cross-platform music synthesizer controlled by a Nintendo Wii remote. It continuously plays sound which can be altered by moving the remote. The effect is that it is possible to correlate motion and music, and to hear what a direction such as "forward" sounds like. Twiirl is free and open source software, enabling others the freedom to study and customize the code to produce other sounds and extend Twiirl as they please. Overall Twiirl integrates music, sound, motion, and software to explore a new audio, visual and physical representation of music as organized sound. The major contribution is to visualize motion as music and to demonstrate the potential for a tool that generates its own music for use in a dance performance.