Each year, DCC celebrates its students for exemplary and promising work—both before and after Capstone completion. Capstone Grants materially support students during the execution and implementation of their vision, while Capstone Awards recognize exceptional completed projects. Notably, the Capstone 2021 class will be the first to receive the inaugural Capstone Award for Creativity in Pursuit of Anti-Racist Justice, as well as the inaugural Adobe® Award for Excellence.

Capstone 2021 Grants

Chisomebi Agwu, "Descend Into the Sunken Place"

Zachary Calcagno, Abe Levitan, & Vinny Maltagliati, "Project ReCart"

Ines Donfack, "disTRESS"

Samantha Kalibala, "Hidden Icons: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Fashion"

Priya Kalla & Maya Lee, "See Us, Hear Us"

Emily Kombe, Ayana Moses, & Angela Pina Munoz, "Reduce, Reuse, Refashion!"

Chris Lucian, "A Skill a Week"

Sydney Nader & Katherine Norden, "HelloGMOs: A Pro-GMO Cooking Website"

Anika Sehne, "Cooking to Overcome Bias"

Aadya Sharma, "CANDID: Unmask Yourself"

Susanna Sprandel, "Splitting Creativity: Using Magnets to Create a Story"

Ruben Turner, "Socially Distanced Board Games in the Age of COVID-19"

Carol Wang, "Connecting Threads: Analyzing Agriculture's Impact on Climate Change and Racism"

Capstone 2021 Awards

The annual Capstone Awards ceremony takes place during the Fall semester following the Capstone Fair. All Capstone 2021 Awards will be announced at that time.

Capstone Award for Creativity in Pursuit of Anti-Racist Justice

The inaugural Capstone Award for Creativity in Pursuit of Anti-Racist Justice will recognize an outstanding Capstone 2021 project and its student designer(s) for their efforts toward confronting racism in political, social, economic, and/or cultural contexts. The award will be announced at the Capstone Awards ceremony during the Fall 2021 semester.

Adobe® Award for Excellence

This award is sponsored and bestowed by Adobe® for excellence in use of Creative Cloud products. It will be awarded live during the Virtual Capstone Fair on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.