Design Cultures &Creativity seeks self-motivated, independent thinkers and provides them with an intimate community of students in which to explore, innovate, and create. DCC students are exceptionally talented, multi-faceted students with interests as varied and diverse as our student population representing 35 academic majors across campus.

Each year, DCC admits approximately 60 to 70 high-achieving Honors students to join the program. While each of the students have very individualized experiences, many students share similar traits:

  • Self-motivated, independent thinkers.
  • A broad range of interests and activities.
  • Leadership and cooperation.
  • An openness to new ideas.
  • Motivated to learn through experience.
  • Engagement with the broader community.


First-year applicants to the University of Maryland who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and promise are automatically considered for admission to the Honors College and to DCC when they apply by the preferred November 1 deadline. There is no separate addendum or special application at that time. Once a student is admitted to the Honors College, invitations will be extended to join DCC. For more information on the Honors College timelines please visit the following link:

Slides from Online Chat (Feb. 11, 2019)